Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simplicity 2603 - Draped Cardigan

Wait, what? Did she say Simplicity?? Dawn said that? Yes, Dawn did. I actually sewed a Big Four (or are they the Big Five now?) pattern. Holy shit, Batman. (And why is this Etsy seller selling this pattern for $18??)


This picture is from said Etsy seller. Remember this pattern? I made two of them back in 2009 and I wear them all the time at work. They seem to be something I come back to again and again. One is a purple wool knit, and one is a black cardigan. I realize that waterfall cardigans are sooooooo 2008, but if I love it and wear it, why the hell not? Judge not, lest ye suck. Wow, less wine when I’m writing . . .


I also decided that I like this fabric and want to be bright all. the. time. Maybe I’m already sick of the Alaskan winter even though it hasn’t happened yet.


Behold the brightness.






This is a crappy wrap/tie job, but you get the idea. I often wear the two I have like this. Of course it’s not practical. Of course it will clash with about a billion things I have in my closet. I don’t care. *crossing arms like a toddler and stomping*


Sassy pants.


Okay, hahahahahhaa. This was a Best Pattern of 2009 pattern from PatternReview.com. I’m so lame.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Disqus and Shoes

I apologize to those of you who have commented on my blog today, but had your comments disappear. I guess there is some problem with Disqus and Blogger? When I looked it up online, it looks like Disqus and Blogger were having issues two or three months ago. I don’t know why it is only affecting me now. Yeesh. I loved how I could reply to individual comments with it. Any one having the same issues? Know how to fix it?

A bunch of you commented on my shoes and how could I love on them without telling you who made them! *head slap* Of course, I should have told you. www.sofftshoes.com And if you sign up for their newsletter, they send you an email for FORTY PERCENT off one pair of shoes. So I may end up also buying the black pair. They are super comfortable.

Here are my favorites though. What do you think? 


Love both versions of these. Would they go well with my Eleonore jeans?
These are the original pumps in black. I may buy these. I also love these slouchy boots. They are out of stock. Boo.


I love sandals, but I’m trying to buy more shoes for work and fewer for summer. I can wear sandals to work but really only for the first couple of weeks in August and a few weeks in May. After that, it’s cold, wet, and snowy.

Jalie 3353 - Cocoon Cardigan

My next project is not a Jalie, I swear. Really.


It’s been hot here. Well 75 degrees is a scorcher around here. Breezy cool weather is only a minute or two away. The weather changes that fast and I’m not even kidding.  I’ve made two cardigans in the past couple of days. This one is my favorite. This is a lightweight snuggly sweater-knit fabric. It’s hard to see in these pictures where the cardigan ends and the jeans begin. I think this would be great in a merino wool. I may have to make these in all colors and store them at my school.


And may I digress for a moment. I just bought these shoes and freaking love them. Super comfortable and also cute. I almost bought the plain-jane black pair, but who wants a plain black pair of shoes. I mean, come on. And didn’t I hear that leopard is the new neutral? See? This is just like a black shoe. I may actually end up getting it in another color too.


Sorry, back to the cardigan. It’s super easy to make. There are three pieces and a long band for the “collar” and two sleeve bands. So that’s seven pieces total which doesn’t sound as impressive as three. Anyway, it’s very easy to make. I think I had it cut out and sewn in two hours. I did it between painting cabinets. That took forever.


Long in the back for all those leggings.


Love the length (and the shoes!!). Doesn’t it look cozy? I have some sweater knit wool that would be great for this.


It’s very unfitted and I love the way it drapes when you aren’t standing like a birdie.


Another wardrobe stable. One year, I am going to make a school wardrobe. Wait. A PLANNED school wardrobe. This summer I’m just been on sewing ADD overload. Bright, print, bring, more bright!! Now nothing goes together. Oh well, I guess I’ll be bright!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hoarding Old KwikSew Patterns - Anyone else?

There was recently a post on how people kept scooping up older (the ones with the thick paper and colored lines – you know the good ones) KwikSew patterns and weren’t able to stop themselves. I went into my local sewing shop and they had some of the older ones on sale. I bought a bunch and then realized I’m a hoarder too.


Between my local store and the stupid, stupid Internet and $0.99 sales, well, here you go. My newest acquisitions. I’m not even sure I love this top, but it still came home with me.


You can never have too many knit jackets.


One of my twins wants to learn how to sew this summer and she wants to make the blue skirt below.


I’ve always really liked these tops.


Hello. Sports wear!


Why did I even buy this? Just use my Jalie TNT t-shirt and add a woven bottom to it! Although retail therapy is sometimes needed. I did read through the directions and they are interesting. That black band is a 3” wide piece of elastic!!


Another cute kid pattern although some of their fabric choices are bad. Just bad.


I love the pink top with the seam lines. The other one is like a crotch arrow.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jalie 3460 - Bella Dress for meeeeee!

How much do you love this?????????????????? I love it so much!!!!! I’ve been wanting to make myself a Bella dress for a few months now (ever since I got the little size to test on my girls). I love it, I love it, I love it. It’s so fun and girly. This fabric is pretty awesome too though.


It’s very flared. I ended up cutting off two inches off the bottom so it isn’t even as flared as it should be. Next time, I will take the two inches out of the middle of the flare so it is even more full on the bottom.


Excuse my “running hair.” This is what it looks like any time I go more than 10 miles. I braid it so it doesn’t get all tangled.


I used a Fabric Mart scuba knit for this. I wanted something that would help hold the dress out so it had that fun flair shape. Unfortunately, they have already sold out of it. This dress is very easy to make. It’s a knit princess-seamed dress with hems/neck edge that you fold down and coverstitch.




I can’t help twirling like my girls. And the nice thing with this, is that the flair stops below your butt. You can show a lot of leg, but it doesn’t really go any higher.


The back is low. That’s perfect for summer, but would be drafty in the winter. I want to make a winter version with a big slouchy cowl neck. I think the original back is really pretty though.


Are you going to make one??? Are you ? In an ITY knit (like here) the flairs are a lot less noticeable. I love it both ways.


Let’s see, changes. I shortened it to above the knee which means I lopped off two inches. I also lowered the front neck by an inch. I can see more of these in my future.


Eep! I just realized I still need to do my July Burda Challenge! We just got back from fishing so I’m behind schedule. I actually made this dress before we went to camp but had no time for pictures or blogging.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jalie 3463 - The Anne-Marie Running Top

Here’s ANOTHER great Jalie pattern! I love, love, love this top!!! The dress is cute too, but I haven’t made one of those. For this running top, I made the version in the middle, the non-flared top. (I love the bright yellow/green back on the one of the left!!)


Okay. Wow. Apparently I’m really excited for this photo shoot. I did just run six miles which does tend to amp me up, but wow. My elbow looks like a twig that might snap off. I will make a gazillion of these tops, I can tell already. I love how the shelf bra stays inside the top and how flat the rounded v-neck stays.


It has great side coverage. I probably should have continued the black all the way down to the hem. See that red dot on my skin under my armpit? It kind of looks like I missed a piece of red thread from the top? Yea, that’s a Chigger bite from over two weeks ago in South Carolina. Those things are horrid.


Isn’t the back awesome? I love how it’s cut-out in the back, but still very supportive.


Like I said, excited. Amped. And I wanted to show you how well it let you move.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hahahahahahahha, hahahahaha. Look at my face. I had to include this one. HAhahahahaha.


See? And it just keeps getting weirder. See the Chigger bite. Ouch! It still itches at night sometimes.




Cough, cough, ahem, okay People, back to serious business. I love this top, I really do. There is a rounded v-neck, lots of options for color blocking, a huge pocket in the back, and a supportive shelf bra (I made it even more supportive for running – I’ll talk about that in a minute).


I used Powernet in nude for the shelf bra.


For this top, there are no raw edges against your bust and back. The only raw edges are further down against your torso. It’s finished in such a way that everything is inside. The directions are good, just make sure you slow. down. and. actually. read. them. Really. To make my bra more supportive, I used a trick from Melissa over at Fehr trade. Instead of having one layer of Powernet, I used two layers. When I cut them, I cut one on the grain and the either across the grain. That way, you get twice the support and it’s not super stretchy in one direction and supportive in all directions. I ran six miles in this top this morning and it was just fine. I’m not super big up top though either, so this may or may not work for you.


Look at this big ol’ beast of a pocket. It’s got lots of room for tennis balls. Emilie says four (FOUR!!) tennis balls fit in here? I have not tried that, but I know my short-sleeved running top fit in here easily this morning with no banging around. It is too big for my phone. My phone tends to bounce around and annoy me. For larger things, though, it’s perfect!


I couldn’t handle it anymore. I’m such a dork, I crack myself up!!


Have you guys made any of the new Jalie patterns yet? I saw that Deepika made a pair of the Eleonore pants in purple!